Character Sneak Preview! Marshal Sarvesh

What’s this guy’s story? Well, this is Marshal Sarvesh. Marshal is his title, by the way, not his name. There’s a place in the Dragon Spine Mountains, near the dwarven city of Ironkrag, called Twilight Dungeon. It’s a nasty place. No one knows the exact nature of the place because no one who goes there comes back. There aren’t any stories about it because of that. People know it exists, but that’s all they know about it. His story, well, you’ll have to read Wings of Twilight to get that; I’m certainly not going to spoil anything here.

Artwork by Char Reed. She’s great, check her out!

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2 thoughts on “Character Sneak Preview! Marshal Sarvesh

  1. Is this character the main protagonist? I like the idea of a scary place that everyone knows is bad but knows little else about. Very cool!

    • He is one of the main characters. One thing I’m trying to do with this novel is play with expectations, if that makes any sense. Future previews will muddie the waters a bit. 🙂

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