Character Sneak Preview! Tasha Galperin

Tasha Galperin is a sorceress from a small town in Etrunia on the continent of Andelosia. In the world of Calliome, practitioners of the arcane arts require some sort of focus for their magic, be it a staff, talisman, wand, etc. Their magic manifests itself in colors related to their outlook, typically green, red or blue. Tasha is a practical woman, focused on her magic, but feels there is something missing in her life. She admires her friend Lorelei’s spirituality and hope to learn from her during their travels together. Read more of Tasha’s story in Wings of Twilight, coming this fall to e-readers and in print.

Artwork by Char Reed.

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2 thoughts on “Character Sneak Preview! Tasha Galperin

  1. tink333

    I can’t wait for the book to come out. I think Char Reed is doing fantastic work with the drawings of your characters. It is incredible to watch them come to life from a few sentences of their descriptions.

    I am enjoying this experience with you, and I wanted to wish you luck ‘in public.’ I hope you have much success. You already know I’m your biggest fan.
    Love you,
    Tink (Hans’s wife)

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