Character Sneak Preview! Kale & Delilah

Kale and Delilah are siblings. Twins, in fact. Kale is a talented engineer and trapsmith. Delilah is a sorceress with a particular fondness for boggins (small furry balls of hunger and pointy teeth generally considered to be nuisances).

What makes them special among draks is their striped scales. Stripes are very rare among the draks and considered a good omen. So good, in fact, that many drak clans call striped draks “Children of Destiny.” Cynics will tell you prophecies hold no water, but there are still some dreamers in the world. Kale and Delilah’s clan have mixed feelings about the twins, though. Being striped is very good, being twins born of the same egg, that’s considered a bad omen. Normally, twins are exposed; left to die in the harsh reality of the world before they’re old enough to fend for themselves. They were reluctant to do that to Kale and Delilah, though, due to their stripes, so they were raised in the clan until they were of age, then exiled. Now they live and work in Twilight Dungeon, looking up to Sarvesh and Soterios as sort of older brothers and protectors.

Artwork by Char Reed.

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