My Fantasy Fiction Line

All of my fantasy fiction (at least, for now) will take place in the same fantasy world. Since I don’t have a contract with a company that has a shared world for which I can write, I had to come up with my own world: the World of Calliome. I’ve been working on bits and pieces of this world for probably twenty years now, though a lot of it has changed since I started. Each novel set on the World of Calliome will reveal a little more about the world, particularly about the little corner in which each story is set. The good thing about having my world is that I don’t have to worry about someone else writing a world shattering event that totally screws up my plans.

I have a lot of notes. Hopefully, this will help give a sense of continuity to my stories and a sense that there’s a history and more going on in the world that just what you’re reading about at that moment. Not all the stories will be directly related to each other, but it is my hope that by throwing in nods and references here and there, it’ll help it all seem more real.

Logo by Gwyneth Ravenscraft. Her professional website isn’t active yet, but it will be within a month or so, I’m told. The logo went from rough concept to completion over the course of a weekend; she does quick work and I’m thrilled with the results. It’s like my mock-up, only, you know, GOOD.

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6 thoughts on “My Fantasy Fiction Line

  1. tink333

    Great logo, and the turnaround was exceptionally quick!

  2. Hey good for you. Having something always make it all that much more real. I love that you are creating your own world, I admire you. I would love to do it but fear I would fail…keep us up to date with your progress, I am extremely intrigued by the whole process of creating your very own ‘place’.

  3. Hey, we are building out the new PlanejammerChronicles website right now. Both Gwyn and Syreene will have their own galleries which will be set up for making it easier to commission their art.

    Glad that worked out well, Hans! Had a feeling it would be a good fit!

  4. “World-shattering” indeed! LOL.
    I really really really (I mean REALLY) enjoyed working on this, which accounts for a lot of the fast-turnaround. You were awesome to work for and it was great that you already knew exactly what it was you were looking for.

    I’ll be pimpin’ and linking to this all over my little corner of the internet. I already got one ‘fave’ on Deviant Art for it, so who knows? That may be another sale!

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