Zack Jackson and the Cult of Athos – 1st Draft DONE

Today I completed the 1st draft of my fourth novel (that’s counting the unpublished first novel), Zack Jackson and the Cult of Athos. In short, it is the story of a boy from Wyoming in the year 4212. Zack is a Junior Ranger going on his first interstellar trip to the planet Bestic. Bestic is a world undergoing terraforming, but not all is as it seems, as Zack, and his new friends find out. His friends, fellow Junior Rangers, are Jenny, a girl two-years Zack’s senior from Messier Habitat, a French settlement near Mars; Mungus, a blustery bear-like alien called an Ersidian; and Ix, an insect-like Valtraxian and technical whiz. Together, they have to survive a hostile wilderness and dangerous cultists who are trying to bring back a long-dead species that could wipe out all life in the galaxy.

Zack Jackson and the Cult of Athos will be the first novel in a series exploring the galaxy of the 42nd century through the eyes of Zack Jackson as he grows up. You can expect to see it in print and for e-readers in May 2012.

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