Cover Art Evolution – Zack Jackson, part 5

Shortly after I gave the go-ahead on the photoshop colored-version, I received my first look at the painting in-progress. Scott Christian Sava modeled Zack on one of his sons, aging him up a bit (by about four years). All the kids basically wear cultural variations of the same uniform, just like the Boy/Girl Scouts do now. The uniforms are designed to look futuristic, but not in that campy, cheesy 70s sci-fi way. I wanted them to look practical and useful.

If you compare this to the first picture of Jenny, you can see that her hairstyle changed. She was always supposed to have long hair. I made a point in the story of describing how it was her way of rebelling against her mother who insisted fashionable, short hair was more practical for women who lived in space habitats and worked regularly in microgravity environments. Jenny spends most of the year at the Cytherian Academy on Venus (an aerostat, or floating habitat high in the clouds of Venus in a thin band with favorable pressures and temperatures for human habitation), so that’s not a concern for her. She is very fashion conscious, though, and doesn’t always choose the practical route when it comes to clothing, as you’ll see in the future pictures when she gets some color.

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