Website Changes

You might notice a slight change in the web address. Fear not, will still bring you here, but so will I registered the domain because I’m going to start calling my imprint for science-fiction and fantasy novels “VFF Publishing.” The reason is: I know there are people out there who see my books on, and do not see a publisher listed and immediately assuming it’s crap.

Hopefully, this will deflect some of that prejudice. Plus, if I start selling enough, I’ll probably need a company name under which to do business. If I ever have to incorporate as an LLC for tax purposes, I’ll need a company name too. Since the name of this website is “Visions of Fantasy and the Future,” I figured VFF Publishing fit.

I bandied about other names like “Excalibur Visions,” but my brain (my arch-nemesis!) would’ve wanted a really cool logo for something like that. For “VFF Publishing,” I’m perfectly happy with the simple logo you see. It’s only going to appear on the title page of my novels, and maybe on the back cover and spine, so it doesn’t need to be very fancy. In fact, looking at it on this website is probably the largest you’ll ever see it.

The logo isn’t really cropped weird. WordPress rounds the corners of the image a bit and there’s so little white space around the logo, part of it gets cut off. I haven’t found the setting I need to change to fix that.

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