Wings of Twilight – Redux!

OK, so the book itself isn’t changing. That would be silly. But, since it now has a sequel, I decided the covers should match in style so that it’s obvious by looking at them that Wings of Twilight and Iron Fist of the Oroqs are related. I commissioned all new art from Jason Rainville and have redesigned the cover from scratch. I invite you to comment upon it in the comments. I may tweak it a bit here and there yet. I expect it to go live this week. Those of you with Kindle versions will get the new cover automatically. Those of you with the Rowena Aitken cover in print, well, maybe I’ll because famous enough one day that they’ll have value as “First Editions”. Otherwise, it’s an interesting bit of history.

Now, for the record, I think Rowena did a great job on Wings of Twilight‘s original cover. But, this new cover make it much easier to tell that the two books are part of the same series. If I ever do an omnibus edition, I’ll put all the art in the book, though that might make the print edition prohibitively expensive unless I do a Kickstarter or something, but that’s years away.

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