Premature Announcement – Zack Jackson

As is obvious to anyone who tried to purchase Zack Jackson & The Cult of Athos this past weekend, I missed my Thanksgiving release. In a perfect world, there was enough time to get all our tasks done for that date, but we don’t live in a perfect world. The blame lies solely on me for this mis-step, though I will throw Microsoft Word under the bus for a moment because if it had not crashed several times in a row and corrupted my file, we’d be further along. The file was recovered, but file recovery takes time.


Nevertheless, we are still working to get it out before Christmas, though I will refrain from giving a solid date at this point. I am always committed to publishing the highest quality work I can, so you can rest assured that all this time is being well-spent to fix as many grammar and punctuation errors as humanly possible (all editing and revisions are completed because at some point, one has to stop or the process becomes never-ending).


Work on Zack Jackson & The Cytherian Academy is also progressing. I would say I’m more than halfway finished with the first draft manuscript. It covers a greater period of time than Zack Jackson & The Cult of Athos, so it will be longer, but I’m really enjoying exploring Zack’s new school and classmates. I’m also looking into hiring an illustrator so I can show everyone what Cytheria looks like, since we only explore a small portion of it in the novel (plus there’s an interplanetary spaceship I think has a really cool design and I want to show off my brain in picture form).

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