Interview with me on SciFiPulse Radio

A while back, I did an interview with SciFiPulse Radio. The episode went live today! You can listen to it here. I talk about my fantasy novels and my young adult science fiction novels, and I may have completely put my foot in my mouth when I talked about one of my homosexual characters, ’cause talking off the cuff is NOT something I should be allowed to do. Ever.

So for no other reason than that, it should be entertaining!

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One thought on “Interview with me on SciFiPulse Radio

  1. tink333

    The interview starts at 13:00, and it is a very good interview. There was one sentence at 35:52 that I think stuck in your mind as a huge gaff, but it wasn’t, really. Your point was that you wanted to make Pancras the necromancer a regular, likable guy.

    I particularly enjoyed Julie’s point related to Wings of Twilight that, “Monsters are people, too.”

    All in all, it was a very good interview. There were several times you and the interviewers stepped on each other, and then I remembered you did this interview on the phone. In a couple of spots the pace got a little wonky because you all were not in the same room, but I thoroughly enjoyed the interview.

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