Character Preview: The Golden Slayer


Art by Kathryn Steele

It’s not a spoiler to reveal that our heroes reach Muncifer in Lament, book 2 of Scars of the Sundering. A new locale means new characters, and two women enter Pancras’s life and change the course of his future.

The first is The Golden Slayer, Gisella Vibekedottir, a warrior from the Four Watches. She serves the Arcane University as a Slayer, the organization that hunts down renegade wizards and brings them to justice (or more often: brings justice to them).

Unlike her fellow Watch brothers and sisters, Gisella is a devotee of Aurora, the goddess of love and beauty. She bucked tradition as a youth to set herself apart from her sister Alysha, a powerful sorceress, and the tainted (in her mind) legacy of her ancestors. Plus, being the only member of her immediate family who was not magically inclined, Gisella sought her own identity, apart from what others expected of her.

The stern, merciless persona of The Golden Slayer masks the mead-loving, thoughtful Gisella’s true personality. She lets her hair down, literally and figuratively around friends, but they are few and far between in Muncifer, a city torn between its honorable Duke and its vitriolic, power-hungry Archmage.

Lament will be available early 2016. Scars of the Sundering, book 1: Malediction is available in print and on Kindle from

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