Happy Thanksgiving!

RyllBobFactual statement: I am Bob. My friends call me Ryll Bob. It is because I am a Ryll.

Affectionate mocking: They are not very witty.

With sincerity: I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. There are many thing for which one can be thankful. Friends, family, health. It is my hope you are thankful for all of those things. I am thankful for my friends at Cytherean Academy: Zack Jackson, Jenny DuBois, Dravs, and Xal. There are not many Ryll here and they make life less lonely.

My knowledge of Earth culture is limited. I have never even been to Earth. As I understand it, Thanksgiving, like many holidays on Earth has changed meaning over time as people of different beliefs have appropriated it. For us, in the 43rd century, we see it simply as a time to celebrate the good in our lives and to give thanks for those things. It is a time to put aside differences and grievances and enjoy the time we have together.

With puzzled hesitation: Dravs has told me there is an Earth custom of singing a song for this celebration. I do not know how he knows this, as he is Devoran and generally seems to be ignorant of Earth customs, but he is my friend and I will trust him.

[Error: translator not programmed for harmonizing]: Happy Thanksgiving to you. Earth is a melted zoo. Turkeys hate thanksgiving. But they taste really good.

With great concern: That is not a very good song. It was my understand than it would rhyme more. Dravs may have been pulling a prank on me.

Insincere threat: He will pay for this.


Happy Thanksgiving from VFF Publishing!


Ryll Bob drawn by Stan! You can read about Ryll Bob and his friends in Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy and Zack Jackson & The Hives of Valtra.

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