I’ve neither died nor faded away…

Of course I haven’t! I’m not an old general! I have, however, been very busy with an annual project at work as well as working on final revisions for Scars of the Sundering, book 3 – Salvation.

When I get busy like this, I often will still update my Facebook page, so if you’re not following me over there, you might want to stop by.

And with that, I must apologize. For while I let people on Facebook know, I neglected to show things off here. I was going to go for a whole fancy cover reveal to build hype, but it seems like that works better for authors who have a larger readership than me.

Last month, Lily Yang delivered the cover art for SalvationBook Cover 4

The cover design is being worked on now and Salvation will be available for sale prior to Gen Con in August. I’ll announce an exact date once I work on the interior layout.

In addition, I’ll have a new short story available for sale at Gen Con. “Burble’s Big Day” will be available in print EXCLUSIVELY at my convention appearances. All of the art is by Brian Patterson of d20 Monkey fame.

Burble Page Cover for web

If you’re going to be in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin area on July 8th, I’ll be at Beachside Authorfest (despite what the Facebook link indicates, it’s not hosted by me; they’re just slow in updating the official sites for this year, so the link to the event I set up is about all I have right now). Both Salvation and “Burble’s Big Day” will likely be available from me there, barring any printing delays.

Look for the official launch announcement for Salvation in the next few weeks.

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