Apology for Lack of Updates

I had this grand plan to revamp this website (in a meaningful, yet subtle way) and was about to embark upon a new marketing strategy, when a challenge reared its ugly, unwelcome head.

Mid-September, my wife started suffering from fevers. Sometimes at high as 103°F – 104°F, every day, every night. Fevers of Unknown Origin was the diagnosis after dozens of tests. After many more tests, we also got Monoclonal Gamopathy of Uncertain Significance. They’re the medical diagnostic equivalent of a shrug.

After 50+ vials of blood, six MRIs, two CT scans, a bone marrow biopsy, and a PET scan, they diagnosed my wife with Diffuse Large B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She started chemotherapy just before Christmas.

Her treatment is currently scheduled to last through March. The prognosis is good, but dealing with it is taking a lot of time and energy.

For 2019, once my wife has beaten this cancer, I plan to get my website revamp finished (including setting up the new mailing lists and access to free copies of the first books of my respective series) and published the next World of Calliome novel (tentatively titled Crow Queen, though the number of hits that gets on Amazon is making me serious consider re-titleing the book while it’s undergoing revisions).

I plan to write a fifth Zack Jackson novel this year, as well, though I do not believe there is any chance it will be ready in time for Gen Con.

I will not be attending Gary Con in March or ConQuest/Undercon. I am planning on attending Gen Con and GameHole Con.

I’ll put together an update/teaser for Crow Queen in the coming weeks. I already have maps and a completed first draft, so it shouldn’t be difficult to have something to show you.

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One thought on “Apology for Lack of Updates

  1. Sorry Hans.

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