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BOI-Logo2013REVHonoreeYou may be wondering, who is this guy? What makes him think he’s a writer?

Well, I’m a writer ’cause I write (and have been paid for it… I also read as much as I can). I also am not completely inexperienced. I was selected as Nuvo’s Best of Indy – Best Local Author Honoree for 2014.


Wings of Twilight, 2nd Edition CoverWings of Twilight
Wings of Twilight was my debut novel. I wrote it during National Novel Writing Month in November 2010 and spent the next year revising, having it edited, proofreading, revising some more, proofreading again, buying art (for this website and for the cover and maps). It was released on October 9, 2011 to an unsuspecting public. It is book 1 in The Foundation of Drak-Anor duology.


Iron Fist Cover for KindleIron Fist of the Oroqs
Iron Fist of the Oroqs is the sequel to Wings of Twilight. I spent first half of 2012 having it edited, revised, proofread, and soliciting feedback. It concludes the duology I started with Wings of Twilight. It was released on July 29, 2012. It is book 2 in The Foundation of Drak-Anor duology.



Zack Jackson page banner flatZack Jackson series
This is a YA sci-fi series I’m writing. I did the bulk of the work on the first draft of The Cult of Athos during National Novel Writing Month in November 2011. The series will tell the adventures of Zack Jackson, a human in the Junior Rangers (think galactic Boy Scouts…well, Boy and Girl Scouts; they’re integrated) as he grows up during the time of the Earth-Alpha Centauri Alliance’s integration into the Galactic Confederation. Expect adventure, aliens, mostly accurate sci-fi concepts (there will be FTL which is theoretically impossible, but these are the concessions we make to tell stories), and perhaps a dose of eldritch horror in the background. The first three books in the series are available, and more are planned!

Scars of the Sundering trilogy
Progress is being made; the first two books have first drafts. I’m not going to give away much about the plot just yet, but basically, Pancras, and the drak twins, Kale & Delilah, are going on an adventure! I plan to have all three books written before I release the first one, and am contemplating either a staggered release with a month in between, or a simultaneous release.

Short Fiction

In addition to my novels, I have been published in both anthologies published by Fear the Boot, LLC.

Sojourn 1 CoverSojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction (“Forgotten Dreams”)
My story in the first Sojourn anthology takes place in the Seven Galaxies, a universe where humans are raised as chattal and slaves by the dominant Aelfar. Jahni, a freed slave, searches for her place in a world that thinks she’s little more than animals. When she finds a human resistance group, she is faced with the reality that sometimes, those fighting the oppression aren’t as righteous as one believes.


Sojourn 2 CoverSojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction, vol. 2 (“The Pleasure Pools of Persiphia”)
My story in the second Sojourn anthology also takes place in the Seven Galaxies and follows the crew of the Free Human Vessel StarKnight. It’s time for shore leave on the (in)famous planet Persiphia where travelers from all over the Seven Galaxies enjoy the Pleasure Pools. Gamma, StarKnight‘s chief mechanic stumbles across a creature of legend and inadvertently discovers why the Pleasure Pools have been experiencing an out-of-season winter.


RPG Work

CM coverColiseum Morpheuon
Coliseum Morpheuon is the largest role-playing related project on which I have worked to date. I didn’t do any writing on it, though I did catch a couple of mistakes. I did the page layout for this project. Page layout is a skill I practice on the side. It’s a good way for me to make extra money when I have the free time to devote to such projects.



Litorians CoverLitorians
I wrote the chapter on NPCs (non-player characters). It involved not only understanding how to build a character for the Pathfinder RPG, but how to advance each one to two future stages of their careers and come up with histories and back stories for each character that were both unique and tied into the theme of the book.



RiteNPCDeckThe Rite NPC Deck
Another project on which I did no writing (then again, this project didn’t have any writing to begin with). I did all the graphic design for this project. Fortunately, my efforts were bolstered by some excellent art from Rite Publishing’s stable of artists.


Other Projects

dr_strangeroll-websizeDoctor StrangeRoll or How I learned to stop worrying and love all D&D
This is my other blog. In it, I examine some classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures and how they play throughout the various editions of the world’s oldest role-playing game. So far, we’ve played Basic D&D (Rules Cyclopedia, aka BECMI), 3.X (Pathfinder), D&D 4E, and D&D 5E. We’ve also played myriad other games (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, Savage Worlds, Fate Accelerated, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and Paranoia 2nd Edition). Since its inception, Doctor StrangeRoll has evolved somewhat is now mostly a blog about my gaming, rather than an evaluation of just the various editions of D&D.

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