Scars of the Sundering

Scars of the Sundering is a new World of Calliome trilogy set ten years after the conclusion of The Foundation of Drak-Anor as told in Iron Fist of the Oroqs. For ten years, Pancras the Putrid has served as First Wizard of Drak-Anor. The city has made allies of Ironkrag and Celtangate. Life is good for the minotaur necromancer. When the Arcane University seeks him out intent on collecting decades of delinquent guild dues, Pancras is pulled into a world of scheming nobles and megalomaniacal archmages, and must return to the familiar haunts of Muncifer. Accompanied by the drak twins, Kale and Delilah, he must forge new alliances and discover his faith in order to put a stop one of Calliome’s most dangerous wizards: the Lich Queen.

Pancras by Lily Yang

3draks flat


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