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Wings of Twilight, 2nd Edition CoverWings of Twilight, book 1 of The Foundation of Drak-Anor, is the debut novel in a series that will visit all corners of a world filled with myth, monsters, heroes, and villains. Adventures in the World of Calliome will take readers on a journey where not all heroes are good, not all monsters are evil, and sometimes the world itself has a role to play.


From the back of the book:
It was a typical day for the crusader Lord Strom Lightbringer, killing draks, stamping out wickedness, and making the world a better place for the righteous. During the course of his crusade, he discovered the location of the fabled Twilight Dungeon, a den of evil shrouded in mystery. No one ever returned from that vile place, so no one knew what lay within. With purpose, Strom and his companions set off to meet their destinies.

It was a typical day for Sarvesh, the demonic-looking leader of the Twilight Dungeon’s defenders, enjoying beer at the pub, flirting with a snake-haired woman, and dealing with invaders to their home. An exceptional goblin proved to be a harbinger of coming changes, and he found his easy life turned upside down.

When the worlds of men and monsters collide in Twilight Dungeon, the lines between man and monster blur. Wings of Twilight is the exhilarating first book in The Foundation of Drak-Anor duology.

Iron Fist Cover for KindleIron Fist of the Oroqs is the sequel to Wings of Twilight and book 2 in The Foundation of Drak-Anor. Taking place in the aftermath of that novel’s events, Iron Fist of the Oroqs delves deeper into the World of Calliome, revealing the draks’ connections with the ancient dragons of bygone ages. When disaster strikes Drak-Anor, formerly known as Twilight Dungeon, Sarvesh lies dying, his mind and body torn asunder while old acquaintances struggle with the decision to help save him by going to places they swore they’d never return. Meanwhile, Kale and Delilah try to find their way home after being separated by the disaster, learning that the dwarves they once thought were enemies, are not what they expected.

From the back of the book:
Long ago, the World of Calliome was sundered by the mortals. Since the Healing of the World, magic and fae folk returned, and primeval wonders of the ancient world began to resurface, along with long-forgotten horrors that dwell deep in the bowels of the earth.

A year after assuming the mantle of Twilight Overlord, Sarvesh is on the verge of making sweeping changes to Twilight Dungeon and ushering in a new era of peaceful coexistence with the surfacers. The leader of the oroqs, however, is determined to fight him, and when the volcano in which they all reside erupts, Sarvesh must come face-to-face with his forgotten past.

Meanwhile, the life Tasha and Lorelei are trying to build in Celtangate is shaken when the sibling of a dead companion comes looking for her brother, and they must all travel back to Twilight Dungeon to deal with the legacy of their past and help make a better world for all who live there.  

 Iron Fist of the Oroqs is the thrilling sequel to Wings of Twilight and the conclusion to The Foundation of Drak-Anor duology.

Pancras by Lily YangNEW: You can now listen to The Ballad of Twilight Dungeon, by Dan the Bard:
This song contains spoilers for the plot of Wings of Twilight. It was commissioned by my wife as a Christmas present. The song was written and performed by Dan Marcotte, aka Dan the Bard. If you’ve ever been to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, you may have heard him perform. You can learn more about his music at either the link above, or a

Bonus Material

Calliome World Map
Strom Lightbringer
Kale & Delilah

World of Calliome logo by Gwyneth Ravenscraft of G-Sharp Productions

Cartography by Jonathan Roberts

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