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Zack Jackson & the Cult of Athos is the debut novel in a YA Sci-Fi series I’m writing. Zack is an ordinary kid from 43rd Century Wyoming, embarking on his first interstellar trip with the Junior Rangers. When an accident strands Zack and his friends on an alien world, they must rely on their wits, and develop trust in each other to survive toxic snows, avalanches, and deadly predators 260 light years from home.

The cover features an original watercolor painting by Scott Christian Sava, whom you may know from The Dreamland Chronicles.

Hermes 900x1600The second book in the series, Zack Jackson & the Cytherean Academy was released in June of 2014. It continues the story of Zack Jackson as he leaves Wyoming and attends school at the prestigious Cytherean Academy on Venus. Once there he has to make new friends, deal with bullying upperclassmen, and learns what life on his own is like in the seven domes of Cytherea.

The third book in the series: Zack Jackson & The Hives of Valtra was released in May of 2014. Zack and the Junior Rangers travel to the homeworld of the Valtraxians. As he explores high-tech arcologies, ancient ruins, and makes friends with species from across the galaxy, Zack encounters clothes-eating insects, oppressive bureaucrats, and natives with bad PR. Yet, despite his excitement, he feels helpless as the lives of his friends unravel before him when they receive bad news from home.

Look for the Zack Jackson series in print and on e-readers.


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