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Zack Jackson & Cytherean Academy now available for Nook, iPad, etc.


TZack Jackson 2 Kindle Cover Small professionalhe exclusivity period I had with Amazon on Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy has ended. Effective immediately, you can purchase it at DriveThruFiction where you’ll be able to download PDF, .epub, or .mobi versions of the book for your e-reader or tablet. You can also purchase my books at the Kobo Bookstore. I’ve uploaded the files for Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy, so they should show up there in a few days.

I hope to have an announcement soon about a short story of mine appearing in an anthology. The story is titled “Forgotten Dreams” and it’s a space fantasy set in the Seven Galaxies, a new setting I’ve been developing. It will be a few years before the first novel in the Seven Galaxies appears, though, so “Forgotten Dreams” will offer a tantalizing first look.

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