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GameHole Con

I will be in attendance at GameHole Con, coming up in just a couple of weeks. You’ll be able to find me in the Dealer Hall when it’s open at table L (enter the Dealer Hall and turn right, walk to the end of the row, turn left, and it’s the third table on the right).

Sadly, I was not able to have Summer of Crows completed in time for the convention (editing and revision a 160,000+ word novel takes a long time), but I will have copies of all my other World of Calliome and Zack Jackson novels for sale. I’ll also be taking pre-orders for Summer of Crows. $20 gets you a signed copy mailed direct to your address of choice as soon as it’s printed (before Christmas is my best estimate on this).

In addition, I’ll be taking part in the Family Trick or Treat on Oct. 31! Trick or Treaters who stop by my table between 4pm and 6pm on Halloween will not only get some delicious candy (and anyone who knows me can tell you I only spring for GOOD candy), but also a free print copy of Zack Jackson & The Cult of Athos! I may even be dressed up for the occasion, if I can fit a costume in my car in addition to all the books I need to bring (as well as luggage).

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ConQuesT 47 Wrap-Up

2016-05-27 11.48.41-2Sadly, ConQuesT 47 was not as successful as I had hoped. Last minute staff shake-ups, last year’s harassment scandal, plus the close proximity of Planet ComicCon and Mid-America Con II/WorldCon resulted in a fraction of the expected attendance. There was also a noticeable breakdown in communications between the con staff and the vendors (like a surprise 2-hour extension to Dealer Hall hours while we were packing up for the night on Saturday).

I sold between 14% and 25% of what I did last year, and that’s with two new titles at the show this year. The gulf in uncertainty is due to not being able to correlate several Kindle sales with Con activity (i.e. They could be coincidental).

I had high hopes for the first con of the season for VFF Publishing. Such a massive disappointment is difficult to deal with when you invest that much time and money into something that ends up being less than was promised.

I’ll stop short of saying the convention was abysmal, however. I felt the panels I was on went well, despite the reduced attendance. I would be reluctant to return as a vendor, but I might consider returning as a program participant/panelist. I made a few good connections, as well. The Undergophers did a great job in the gaming area. If I return next year without the commitments of the Dealer Hall, I will definitely spend more time in the gaming area and maybe even run some games.

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ConQuesT 47

Are you going to ConQuesT 47 in Kansas City, MO over Memorial Day weekend (May 27 – 29)? I will be there all three days selling & signing my novels and short stories. But that’s not all! I will also be on three panels on Saturday.

Success vs Accomplishment SAT 11 AM
A philosophical, and hopefully informational, discussion about what it
means to make it as a writer or an artist. What are your goals? How do you
measure yourself? What do you need to do next? How do you get there?

Dealing with Writer’s Block and Other Hurdles SAT 2 PM
With every book I write, I find there are more than a few periods of
internal conflict where the story is trying to break free but doesn’t
quite make it to my keyboard. Writer’s block is something many struggle
with. Join me as we discuss what works for me, for other writers, and for

Independent Publishing 101 SAT 4 PM
A nuts-and-bolts primer in how to run a business as a 21st-century
creative entrepreneur — there’s more to independent publishing than just

You won’t get these topics at the Gen Con Writer’s Symposium! At least, not from me. You also won’t hear what I have to say about these subjects here, at least, not before ConQuesT.

… mostly because I’m not sure what I’m going to say yet. I’ll try to make it profound and useful. I hope to see you there!

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