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Zack Jackson in LEGO form!

One of our friends sent me these pictures of LEGO creations her son made over the holidays inspired by Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy! I now know how it feels to have someone make fan art derived from one of my stories. Très coolio!

IMG_7775This first image shows Cytherea itself as it float in the clouds of Venus. You can see five domes and a cloud glider. It’s rendered in “chunky scale” as our friend described it.

The next set of images shows Jenny DuBois in her Cloud Glider. Cloud gliding is one of the many extra curricular activities offered at Cytherean Academy. It’s sort of like parasailing, but instead of being towed by a boat over water, one is flying 50 km up in a toxic atmosphere over a hellish landscape hot enough to melt lead with atmospheric pressure that will crush you like an insect. It’s pretty safe, though. This is the 43rd century we’re talking about! They have pretty good QC on those cloud gliders.

Jenny's Cloud Glider Finally, you can see Jenny joining the rest of the cloud gliders as they circle Cytherea, taking in the sights!

Cloud Gliding from Cytherea

Click to Enlargenate

OK, I may have Photoshopped that last one. Still, pretty cool, huh? Can’t ask for a better endorsement of the book than that!

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