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Interview with me on SciFiPulse Radio

A while back, I did an interview with SciFiPulse Radio. The episode went live today! You can listen to it here. I talk about my fantasy novels and my young adult science fiction novels, and I may have completely put my foot in my mouth when I talked about one of my homosexual characters, ’cause talking off the cuff is NOT something I should be allowed to do. Ever.

So for no other reason than that, it should be entertaining!

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On a Podcast

So, in all the excitement I forgot to mention that Underdiscussion: The Undergopher Podcast interviewed me at Gen Con. You can listen to the episode here:

Actually, I think there are TWO interviews with me in that episode. One deals with me as an author, and the other with my position as ENnie Award Submissions Coordinator.

There will be another podcast coming up, Genretainment on SciFi Pulse Radio. I don’t have an exact date yet, but I will link to it when it goes live. That one will be very interesting to listen to, because I’m fairly certain I not only put my foot in my mouth regarding one of my favorite characters, but I chewed it to a bloody pulp in the process. I was so embarrassed, and I don’t think it’ll get edited out.

In other news, I’m still scheduled for a book signing at the Half-Price Books Outlet in Bloomington, IN in the afternoon of Saturday, November 16th. Come on down and see me!

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